Danielle Ford Speaks Out

Hello there!

I'm Danielle Ford, School Board Trustee of the Clark County School District.

CCSD is the 5th largest district in the country, serves over 300,000 students, and has a $2.6 billion annual operating budget. 

I am one of 7 trustees elected to be a voice for constituents, set the vision for education, ensure accountability of public funds, vote on district-wide programs & policies, and employ a superintendent to manage departments and day-to-day operations. 

When I ran for Trustee in 2018 I was bright eyed and bushy-tailed, eager to listen to the desires and ideas of the community and bring them back to central CCSD for real innovative solutions.  

Immediately I was met with resistance by the superintendent and several trustees. Anytime I tried to represent my constituents, I was shut down. When local organizations showed up offering solutions, they were ignored. When teachers and staff spoke up, they were threatened and retaliated against.

None of it made sense. There had to be something bigger going on. 

I started asking questions, researching other school districts, noticing patterns throughout the country, following the money, cross-referencing contracts, and learning how outside groups were draining school districts and leaving them in shambles. 

I discovered the school district I grew up in, that my own children were in, which I was elected to protect, had been invaded by the same outside groups. Finally I understood that the chaos and dysfunction happening, which is what drew me to run in the first place, was part of a well-orchestrated long-term plan to take over public schools. 

So I started speaking out.

They sent cease and desist letters. 

I kept speaking out.

They put out hit campaigns to try to discredit me. 

I kept speaking out.

They threatened to sue me, recall me, even send me to jail if I didn't keep quiet. 

I kept speaking out. 

Even now they're withholding information and trying to keep me out of important board meetings.

I’m STILL speaking out. 

Now that my first term is almost up I’m supposed to be begging for your vote. Shaking hands. Kissing babies. Making promises.

Here’s what I can promise if re-elected: 

I’ll keep SPEAKING OUT. 

I'll keep doing everything I can to protect the school district and the children it serves. 

The 2022 school board election provides an opportunity to truly influence education in Clark County. If voters elect 3 trustees to the CCSD school board who are whole-child focused, committed to strengthening Public Education for all, and courageous enough to call out the corporate corruption... at that point I can promise to make the important changes our community needs. 

#1: Privatization agenda/Corporate Education Reform

1. charters. National for-profit corporations. funded with public money but ran by investment bankers and hedge fund managers. run by private Education Management Organizations. EMOs Several current trustees are employed by these corporations or employed by people who sit on their national boards. I imagine at least 1 candidate in every trustee race will be funded by the same people that funded them. “School choice”. Vouchers that cross the line between the separation of church and state/ Expect someone in each race to be backed by these groups too. Check candidate C & E reports.
       No bid contracts. Not allowing our local businesses to help. Not stimulating the local economy. Construction contracts. 
      Ignoring state law that gives schools decision-making authority (pic with quote from public comment)
Laws to change how public education operates are being written by corporate executives. 

#2: Turning schools into factories

Teachers, admin, grades, behavior for grades, arts, music, pe, mental health,, etc …, l (

If students don’t perform well, teachers get low evals and lose their jobs. If states don’t perform well, federal money is held back AKA high stakes testing. Schools in high- poverished areas and students with little family support will likely perform poorly. Teachers will be poorly evaluated and schools won’t receive the funding. When public schools fail and teachers receive low evaluation scores, reformers can make the case to close that school and do away with its teachers, often replacing with a privately run charter school. 

Data driven- treats students like they’re identical. 

High stakes testing ties the success and failures of schools to teachers and the results of standardized testing. The most profitable from this movement are the publishing companies that support standardized tests and testing materials. Pearson. Mc graw hill. 

#3: Voter rights

The attack on voters. Voices. Policies changed to take away power. Personal - kept out of important legal meetings by a majority of the board. Pic Removed from committees? Supt taking away trustee committees. Took away the liaison. Even forming his own board made up of those referenced in #1, without trustee approval, To determine the spending of the $777 million of covid relief funds (ARP: American rescue plan) 

So, I want you to vote for me- but I respect your right to vote. Whatever you do- please vote for candidates who are courageous and pro-PUBLIC education. 

Here’s what will happen when you do: 1st they’ll tell you we don’t know what we’re talking about. Tuners will fly

This will be to confuse you and get you to NOT VOTE. When people feel empowered they vote. When they feel confused or insecure they choose to not vote at all. 

Here’s how to fight that- ask them for evidence. Check that the evidence actually backs up their point and isn’t a new distraction in itself. 

When they talk bad about a candidate, ask them who the better candidate is and exactly why. Make them cite and show their sources. 

Ask who is funding, managing, and marketing them to the best of their knowledge. 

Document everything. Write it down. Compare notes later. Do this for all candidates even if you’re already loyal to some. That’s true accountability. Candidates who have nothing to hide won’t mind this. 

Recognize that your vote alone is powerful. Also recognize that your voice is even more powerful than your vote. Your words have the power to compound and create a ripple effect. You can influence all elections just by speaking your truth.

Throughout the campaign I’ll be revealing more. Sign up below to receive info and updates along the way… 

Learn the truth & Join me in speaking out 

Throughout the campaign, I'll be speaking more about:
  • Disruption, corruption, & privatization agendas that threaten public education
  • ​​Turning schools into factories by cutting art, music, sports, recess, mental health programs, and replacing them with exhausting assessment & high-stakes testing
  • ​Politically-connected wealthy donors who buy out school board seats
  • Privatization of district services by using national co-ops & "no-bid" multi-million dollar contracts, while our local businesses get crumbs
  • ​The effort to replace experienced educators, school principals, support staff, and central administrators with newbies who are easier to control
  • ​The initiative to suppress voter rights by switching from elected to appointed school boards

Shirley Chisholm said: 
"If they don't give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair."

I like mine to be a director's chair ;-)

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